Twitter Coup

I’m going to see if we can take over Twitter – or at least the main feed page of Twitter and TwitterVision for just a minute or two. Not trying to harm them – just trying to do an organized and synchronized message.  It’s part of some research, so it would be useful, and it probably won’t hurt anything – Twitter has been handling their traffic VERY well lately. 

This isn’t a DoS attack or anything like that.  It’s an experiment.

If you want to join, just send a few Twitters tomorrow at 8 PM Central Time (USA).  Use the title “Twitter Coup” and link back to this post if you want. (or at least send me an email that you “Coup’ed” to rob at lagesse dot org if you don’t mind — I’d like to get useful number)

I’m going to spam this message to Twitter a couple dozen times between now and 8PM Central Time tomorrow.

But not every 15 seconds like the New York Times, the BBC China version and others are doing.  Promise!



  1. I couldn’t find the user you were talking about, but chances are they are using some type of bot.

    I don’t mind the Twits that tell when a new blog entry is posted (I Twitter that via a WordPress plugin) – but posting the same thing every 20 seconds or so is extremely annoying.

  2. Someone named “wonka” or something is also blasting twitter on a continual basis, is this a bot?