I’ve never seen this before – is it new (I don’t like it)?



  1. @Brian – thanks for the response. So I guess me leaving Twitter open on one machine while using another is bad :). I’ll modify my behavior.

    Interesting though that the Twitter site itself still worked for me, even though TwitBin and Tweetbar did not.

    I guess there is nothing wrong with favoring your own site, but I was kind of surprised to learn there was a limit – I had not heard anything of it before today.

  2. Hey,
    Unfortunately that has been there the whole time, before we just spit out an error connecting to Twitter’s servers, but changed it to reflect what was accurately going on. Twitter gives each user a 70 requests per hour limit on the API.

    We’re working on offering some caching in the extension to reduce the number of requests people are making, so hopefully no one will have to deal with this anymore. Twitter’s cap is in there because the clients using the API are driving 10x more traffic than their own site, so they want to keep the resource requirements somewhat in control.

    I appreciate the post and your concern, trust me, we don’t like it either.