Twitter Tools, WordPress 2.3.1 and WLW 2008

[Update #2 – I am currently using TwitPress which appears to work fine.]

[UPDATE: This isn’t working quite right. It worked at first, but now doesn’t. So until I sort it out, ignore this post.]

Once I upgraded to Windows Live Writer 2008 I started getting an error when posting to my blog. Through trial and error I discovered that Twitter Tools was causing WLW to fail posting. So I disabled Twitter Tools and started looking for a replacement.

Twitter Tools offered a lot of features, but all I cared for was a Twitter being sent when I published a new blog post. These little Twits have generated a great deal of random traffic to my site. So I needed a replacement.

I found Twitter Updater which looked like it did exactly what I needed it to do. To bad it didn’t work though! The author has abandoned it, but I did find someone who had fixed the plugin.

I applied his changes and it worked fine.

I zipped the changes to the plugin and made it available here if you don’t want to mess with editing the code yourself.