Two quick business ideas

1 – I love Greenling who I posted about before. They deliver fruits, vegetables, and more. An even more useful delivery idea, I think, would be to deliver staples – the stuff we all need every week. Toilet tissue, paper towels, laundry soap, garbage bags. Basically anything that any household requires on a consistent basis. Buy it in bulk, sell it in weekly increments, and charge a premium for the convenience. As much as I like Greenling, I don’t always need fruit and vegetables every week. But toilet paper and trash bags? Yes, I need them. Costs should be lower if you focus on only non-perishable items.

2 – Bid for my food delivery order. Build a web site where I can enter my zip code, and contact information and say something like, “I want food delivered next Tuesday at 7pm, to feed four people”. Send notifications to local restaurants that deliver and let them bid on my business. ($4.00 off a pizza, free egg rolls, whatever).

Yeah, I know. Most of you probably don’t hate shopping as much as I do. But these bulky items (like paper towels) take a lot of room in my trunk. And I know I’ll be ordering food for delivery 4-6 times a month. Why not build a system where businesses deal with me directly to earn my patronage, instead of having them spend thousands on advertising that mostly misses the mark?


  1. And for the first idea – call it " or something", but LEARN from me. How much toilet tissue do I need in a week?  How long will 28 trash bags last me?  Learn it, and adjust my order. Over time the system could even learn how my needs change depending on the time of year (in the summer I need a lot more aluminum foil because I grill more, etc).  And include anything bulky/heavy that I might want weekly – cases of soda, 3 pound cans of coffee. Basically, think of those things that take a lot of room in a shopping cart and just deliver them to me.