TxDOT, how do I mistrust thee? Let me count the ways.

txdotlogo To say our state Dept of Transportation has an image problem is a huge understatement.  What they have is an EGO problem. 

They think we work for them. They think my money is their money.  They think I (and any other concerned taxpayer) am an idiot.

You can’t even sue them when their projects destroy your property – so I guess they actually ARE above the law. 

Perhaps that causes the arrogance they exude at every opportunity. So maybe it isn’t really their fault at all.

No, scratch that – they an are arrogant, power-corrupt operation that needs reeled in.  And that is exactly what I will be looking for in the next candidate for Governor  I vote for.  And I’ll be looking for the same “Tame TxDOT” quality in ANY state representatives I vote for – be they Congressman or Judges.

So I was quite pleased to see I am not alone in my displeasure with TxDOT.

The confidence of the Legislature and the public are very important to us," says Lippincott. "We still have work to do, but we are confident that our ongoing efforts to improve the transparency and accessibility of TxDOT are making a positive impact. We look forward to our continued work with the members and staff of the Sunset Commission.

Commission releases scathing report on TxDOT – Austin Business Journal: