From an earlier Twitter post of mine:

When will someone invent a keyboard that places the keys I want under the fingers I am using?


  1. Actually, I just installed this: http://clipcontrol.anticapslock.com/?/base/index

    Works like a champ. No reboot needed.
    Without any other key pressed, Caps Lock doesn’t do anything (perfect!).
    WITH a number of keys, you get a sophisticated clipboard utility…. Cool!

  2. I used a different method ..
    It involved a screwdriver 😉

  3. @Paul – I could not agree more! Absolutely useless key put in a bad place!  I use this registry script to change the Caps Lock into a plain shift key.

    You need to reboot after adding the key to the Registry (save the file to your desktop then double click it, allowing it to be added to the Registry)

  4. Apparently, I’m not alone!
    Someone (the guy who’s Imatix web server I use) already has a plan … offering a million bucks for a new, sensible, keyboard design!
    http://www.anticapslock.com/ (LOVE the way they spell that: anticAPSLOCK)

  5. .. and untill someone does, maybe some keyboard manufacturer can do a very simple thing and make ME happy (and probably millions of other people):
    HOW often have you INTENTIONALLY used that dreaded Caps Lock key? (versus the number of times you ‘used’ it unintentionally).
    So why does this old relic from the typewriter era STILL appear on modern keyboards?
    We’re not calling the ‘enter’ key ‘carriage return’ anymore either, right?
    So GIT that thing off my keyboard, or if you NEED to put it on there, put it somewhere way up there, next to all the other never-used keys that start my browser or email program, but get it the HELL away from my Tab key!!