UAV Video of Texas polygamist compound

images_buster No audio on this, but it is high-res video of the compound in Eldorado, TX.

This is very cool – and my brother works for the company that builds these UAVs, so I think they are even more cool 🙂



I love the night-vision views.


  1. I am no authority on the video, but I understand it was done at the request of law enforcement as part of serving the warrants.

  2. Was this video taken during the operation to rescue the children? Thanks.

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  4. I read a news article about how the men were praying and crying during the raid.

    (Curiously … none of the women or children were seen crying …)

    Those poor God fearing men: all that hard work, and then being robbed of their “toys” … it’s a tough world … *sigh*

  5. @Yuvi. Yep. But it is illegal here. And the allegations are that it is also a sort of front for pedophiles. And we let it sit here for four years before we did anything about it. That is so wrong.

  6. I can’t help but think – Isn’t a polygamist compound a place where polygamists live?