Unintended tech support

I just got a phone call, and didn’t look at the Caller-ID.  I said Hello and I am asked, “Hey, got time to help me with a computer question?”

“Sure”, I reply.  I get friends/family calling me all the time.

It was a simple problem of someone moving the Start Menu and not knowing how to move it back to the bottom.  In any case, in minutes I had him set up and he says, “Thanks, Jimbo!”.

I start laughing and tell the guy I’m not Jimbo.  He was very apologetic, but I told him it wasn’t a problem.

But it’s the first wrong-number PC Repair call for me!


  1. 🙂 I really have to start following that comic strip!

  2. Once more, with feeling: http://xkcd.com/322/

  3. @Kaylyn – 😀 – the guy DID ask me if he could write my number down! BTW – my number is on the about page – always has been 😉

  4. Just to make the story more complete…what was that phone number? Just kidding. That really is pretty funny, Jimbo.

  5. That is a funny experience and a hilarious cartoon 😆

  6. @Ike – that was perfect!