Unless something REALLY odd happens…

The Spurs will win the Western division tonight.  And will be in the Championship game. 

It will be the first time the Spurs clench the West at home (the previous four times were away games)

But guess what?  We won’t burn police cars, or break windows or cause civic upheaval.  We don’t riot here – not our idea of fun.  We party (it takes less energy!)  We ENJOY our neighbors and we respect them and their “stuff”.

Sure, there will be one or two idiots – but the last time we were this close to winning a championship I think we had one guy arrested for public intoxication.  That was it.

We’ll party – downtown San Antonio will be a blast tonight.  But we will be respectful of other people, and their property.  Why?  I don’t know – it’s just part of what makes my “home town” a great town to live in.

San Antonio is a wonderful city – and I have lived in a lot of wonderful cities.  San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Honolulu…

But I have never lived in a city that gets along as well as we do here.

And I’ve never had more fun watching a team of really decent human beings playing pro sports.

The Spurs will face Detroit or Cleveland.  It will be an interesting Finals! 

Go Spurs!