Update – Harry Truman Polaroid

I just received a FedEx return package from the Truman Library.  They would like the Polaroid, and I think it belongs at the museum.

Tomorrow I will send the original, as well as the copies.

I told my father a few minutes ago, and he was very pleased.  Proud even.

He gets credit as the photographer, and I have released the photo to the public domain (with credit).

Makes me smile.



  1. That is great that they want the pic. Im not surprised though, suprisingly, there just arent a lot of photos of President Truman
    the last year or 2 of his life. I go to the library once or twice a year, I will keep a look out for the pics!

  2. Rob-Unbelievable, but I’ve never made it to the Truman Library. This will give me a perfect reason. When I find your photo I will take a picture of it’s new home and send it to you. Then if you want you can share it with your Dad.