Update Soup: Catchphrase Contest, Pick The Brain, and Death Bunny · Violent Acres

Little rabbit, rabid rabbit,

Has a major cocaine habit.

Not so funny, when this bunny,

chews your flesh from bone.

No so funny when this bunny  

won’t leave your ass alone.

He’s a sick-ass rabbit with a bad ass need

to eat your flesh and plant his seed.


Death bunny, get back in your hole!
Death bunny is out of control!
Instead of carrots, he eats flesh!
Instead of lettuce, he likes sex!

Update Soup: Catchphrase Contest, Pick The Brain, and Death Bunny · Violent Acres


  1. too damn funny!

  2. Chris says:

    Very good, want to see the video now 🙂

  3. here is our version.

    powered by ODEO

  4. This was so fun, here’s another verse (second verse, worse than the first! :))

    Nasty rabbit, stinky beast

    piles of flesh his only feast.

    Likes the girls, skirts so short;

    Death bunny has one in every port.

    He’ll wine you and dine you and steal your heart away,

    but if he doesn’t chew it to shreds now,

    he will another day.

    He’s a nasty F’in rabbit with a heart as cold as stone,

    He’ll chew your flesh and spit out the bone.

  5. death bunny video +1

  6. Death Bunny – He bounce you then dump her!

    Death Bunny – He killed Bugs & Thumper

    Death Bunny – He’s a mean Mother Humper!

    Death Bunny – he’ll drag you into his hole six feet under…

  7. RJ – Thanks man! Glad you found me. Hopefully I can keep you entertained!


  8. I’m new to this site but I think your honesty and fire are bloody brilliant, unlike many “blogs” I’ve read. I’d love to hear/see death Bunny in a complete version.

    Irish people for Death Bunny! 😉

    Maith thú agus sláinte chugat!

  9. rectumgood says:

    hahah.. i could so see v wearing the bunny costume except she wouldn’t be able to do much for laughing so hard.. then.. she’d burn the costume in effigy

  10. “Death Bunny” reminds me of the bunny from Donny Darko.

  11. Sliex says:

    Only thing that comes to mind – Raving Rabbids on nintendo wii 😀

  12. KrizZ says:

    This is absolutely hilarious!!! I already can see the death bunny suite in font of my eyes 😀 Go for it V!!!

  13. I’d love to see the daeth bunny video.

  14. Especially if V was in it – dressed in a giant bunny suit, of course (to hide her identity!)

  15. I think it should be finished by V’s brother, music video would be hilarious.


  1. […] is from my favourite blog Violent Acres. V’s brother made up this death bunny song, and another blogger added to it. I made up some music to go with it on my guitar, and i’ll release it on sunday […]

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