Useless info you don’t know about me

  1. I have over 30 PDAs – including most of the Apple Newtons (even a couple of very rare ones, like a developer model in a clear plastic case – thanks Bruce!).
  2. I was on a Computer Chronicles episode filmed at Macworld – way back in 1994 (or 1995 – can’t remember).
  3. I was a Mayor once.
  4. I’ve both landed on and taken off from an aircraft carrier.
  5. I’ve seen two Space Shuttle launches – one in the daytime, and one at night.
  6. I once entered a cave in Hawaii that was an underground bunker for the Army Special Forces. There was a huge (for the time) LCD display showing the location of special forces troops throughout the world. It was amazing.
  7. I’ve been a passenger in a F4U-Corsair fighter plane (you know – the ones from Baa Baa Blacksheep).
  8. I’ve been in a submarine, and in a helicopter crash.
  9. I had a short-lived radio show some years ago.
  10. I was involved in one of the first projects that took UseNet group mail and made it available to “regular” people – with WildMail! – a mail tosser that handled BBS, UUNET and FidoNet mail.
  11. I made a lot of money on shareware in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.
  12. I’ve been in three earthquakes, two tornadoes and 7 hurricanes.
  13. I nearly drowned twice – once in a boating accident, and once when I drove a snowmobile onto a nearly frozen lake.
  14. I caught a 25 pound yellow channel catfish.
  15. I’ve been shot at, and shot at other people.
  16. I’ve been at the births of over 6000 babies. I fathered only two of them.
  17. I have held a living human heart in my hand.
  18. I have made a mistake that took the life of a patient. I’ve never let any crisis at work bother me much since then.
  19. I saved many more patients than I lost.
  20. I’ve been bitten by rattlesnakes twice. Neither of them in Texas.


  1. Wow! I’m honored to get my camera from such a friggin awesome person!

  2. OK, on the births. I was a Neonatal Respiratory Therapist – working at Santa Rosa and what was then Humana Women’s and Children’s Hospitals. Five days a week, two shifts a day (I had a wife in a Master’s program at Incarnate Word – money mattered).

    I attended at least 10 births a day over that time, and at Humana alone I received a certificate for attending over 3000 births. I think you underestimated the number of births a day I attended, and the rate of fornication going on!

    I worked in that field for 7 years, counting my time in the Navy.

  3. #16. Over 6000 births .. that strikes me as a bit much.

    If I assume that you worked 5 days a week and had 10 days vacation per year, and you attended an average of one birth every day (maybe you ‘ve “done” more than one per day, but then, I assume there must have been days during this period that there were no births), then … that would have taken you over 24 years. If you haven’t been in that profession that long (and I think you haven’t) then your average of births per day goes way up. If you had done this for 12 years, you have been with more than two births per day… EVERY SINGLE DAY, for TWELVE years… Now.. if you did this for less than 12 years…. etc etc… 😉

    As for #13 .. no wonder you tried to sell your pool!

  4. Oh. Yeah. I nearly drowned three times – thanks for reminding me! 🙂


  5. And driving your car into a rain-swollen river and being stranded on the roof till a neighbor rescued you doesn’t count as a “nearly drowned”?