Using Windows Live Writer with WordPress 2.3 Tags

WLW does fully support the new tags in WordPress 2.3. The functionality is not enabled by default though – to add it, you need to tweak your Windows Registry.

First though, make sure you are running the latest version. Launch WLW, click on the Help menu, then about. Your version should match this:


(click to zoom)

Once you are sure you have the right version you need to launch RegEdit (Start|Run|Regedit).

Then navigate through the tree until you get to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live\Writer\Weblogs\{blog-id}\UserOptionOverrides where “blog-id” will be a long string of characters that refers to your blog.

For example, the entire string on my system looks like this: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live\Writer\Weblogs\5b086434-14cc-4e6f-836d-c80ebdc69f25\UserOptionOverrides.

Under the UserOptionOverrides you need to add a new string value called “supportsKeywords” and it should have a value of “Yes”.

OK, now launch WLW and click the little chevrons on the bottom to the right of “set publish date”.You’ll see a new entry called “Keywords”. You add your WordPress 2.3 tags here, all separated by a comma. For example, the keywords for this post are:

Windows Live Writer, WordPress 2.3, tagging, Registry, tutorials

imageSo that’s exactly what I typed in the Keywords field, and those tags are applied to this post. Click to enlarge this image.

Hope this helps, and keep on blogging (and tagging!)


  1. @Phil – GREAT observation! I was assuming that since I mentioned the uniqueness of the long string blog ID earlier in the post that people would realize they needed to make that change.

    What is really surprising is that I have had this post linked to a dozen or so times and over 35K people have viewed it – so either they aren’t using the *.REG method, or they didn’t try it at all.

    In any case, I am removing that section from this post and will rely on people editing the Registry.



  2. I dont understand how the suggestion to copy and paste your text into a .reg file would work when that random string id’ing the weblog would not be the same for the end user.

  3. OK, I added the following code to my index.php page of my theme (added the code to the “loop” section). Now the tags appear at the bottom of the post. I’ll do something similar for my single.php page.

    < ?php if ( function_exists('wp_tag_cloud') ) : ?>
    < ?php the_tags('Article Tags: ', ' | ' , ''); ?>
    < ?php endif; ?>

  4. Additional comment – I have NOT modified my theme yet to display these tags on the posts. But you can see them in the “tag cloud” widget in the left sidebar.


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