V8 is Stealing Saturday (and Ripping Me Off!)



Weekly Pack?  Really?

“Get a Full Serving of Vegetables Every Day” is what they claim.  “Every day”, and “Weekly” lead my to believe that V8 is ripping me off!

There are 7 days in the week.  6 cans of V8 in the “Weekly Pack” – even the calendar on the package shows only 6 days in the week! 

V8 is stealing Saturday!

Why Saturday?  I *like* Saturday!  Why not Monday?  Nobody would care if they stole Monday!


  1. @Rob ..Psssst … you should adjust your WordPress timezone! My comment above was posted at 5:08am, not 3:08am!

    (Wich STILL leaves the question what on earth I’m doing UP, surfing the Internet, at 5am on a holiday!)

  2. @Rob: When was the last time you checked your blood pressure?
    If it’s high, better don’t touch the stuff: it has enough sodium (salt) to make MY heart jump out of my chest.

    (Which, now that I had a 2nd look at the picture above, makes that American Heart Association logo a bit ironic)

  3. @Philip – 🙂 I actually like it – I drink one of the small cans every morning. I get my veggies, and it kick starts my day. Maybe you would like a RedEye, though – about 1/3 spicy V8 and 2/3 beer 🙂

  4. Rob,

    I would thank them for giving you a day off. I’ve tried V-8 and I can’t tell you how much I HATE IT! 😉

    If I had to drink it, I would be dreaming of Saturday.. 🙂