Valuating the Scoble Brand.

“Scoble is Scoble” – that was my insight into Robert Scoble during a Podcast I called into last week (“District of Corruption“). I thought it was fun, and I’ll probably call back in this week (whether they like it or not).

But Scoble really is a transparent guy.  It isn’t just a “personae”.  He is who he appears to be, love him or hate him.

But you can’t make the mistake of undervaluing his brand – he could pick up the phone and call any of what – 100-150 CEOs?  Maybe even more.  I’m just thinking of the ones he already has access to – but who in the tech world would just ignore a call from Scoble?

Scoble built a brand around being a quirky guy.  Some people think he is “loveable” quirky and others see him as “annoying” quirky.

I see him somewhere in between – he always amuses me, even when I think he is wrong.  Yet I always watch – not like a crash along the freeway, because I don’t expect Scoble to crash.  Because he is honest with his audience, and with himself, about who he is.

So what is the Scoble brand worth?  A lot, I imagine – especially if you place any value on the “Social Graph”.

If I were a Sales Manager/Marketing Guy, etc I would LOVE to have access to Scoble’s Rolodex.  That alone has a huge amount of value (having worked in/started companies in Recruiting, I know how true that is).

But the Rolodex isn’t as valuable without the conduit – and that is where Robert adds a ton of value.

To a generic startup, Robert adds value if he covers you – but you probably don’t need to hire him.  I would suggest you buy him dinner though!

To an established company, Robert is probably a bit too raw for you to hire full time – but you would still love to have him talk about you.

To a video startup Robert really adds value – for whatever reason he just makes compelling videos.  I think it is mostly his ability to put his guests at ease, and just talk to them – and get them talking.  About something they love talking about anyway.

Robert just makes it easy.  I know.  I’ve never met Robert, but I have talked to him many times – and he always makes me comfortable, always assures me he has time, and always convinces me that he is interested in what I am telling him.

Above all, the way Robert honestly seems to care about everyone he talks to – that makes him valuable.

No – I don’t know what the Scoble brand is worth.  It’s quite a bit, I would think.  His new baby will never go hungry as long as Robert doesn’t change, I think.

And yes – I know some of you hate him.  Even hate adds value through attention though.


  1. @Geoff. No doubt he knows how to use “New Media”. When he was writing his book on a blog a few people heard of him. When he started blogging at Microsoft more people heard of him. When he started video at Microsoft he started to get big.

    I wonder what he will do next?

    I guess we find out next week.

  2. The blogosphere’s fascination with Scoble is a testament to him. Inevitably some take pot shots, but how much of this is envy versus reality. He is perennial, and that’s a good thing. I hope to meet him some day.


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