VelvetPuffin – IM meets Social Networking


I tried VelvetPuffin today based on the ScobleShow Video.  It looked interesting – the combination of blog, video, polling, chats, etc seems pretty cool.

But it crashes for me trying to import my 537 Microsoft Live Messenger contacts.  And the Java phone version won’t run on my phone for some reason (yes, I have Java on my Windows Smart Phone).

I’ll try again in a few months – maybe they will have this bug (whatever it is) fixed by then.

instant messaging meets social networking

Even with all the hype around mobile social networking today, no one has been able to deliver an all-in-one mobile social

networking experience that is seamless with the desktop and web service. Velvet Puffin integrates all the elements of social networking ? video, photos, blogs, IM, SMS, and polling ? and lets you view, create and share your content instantly and seamlessly.

By creating a VelvetPuffin Account, you can import all your IM buddies from Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and ICQ to create a private community of friends, (even if they are not yet VelvetPuffin members). View and select your favorite videos and photos from YouTube, Metacafe, Google Video instantly. You don?t need to launch a browser and you can do it from your mobile phone or your computer. It works with any wireless carrier and it?s free!

VelvetPuffin – IM meets Social Networking