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Heh – I keep linking to Violent Acres – I guess it just strikes close to home.  I’m a single parent who won custody of my two kids about 6 years ago…  when my daughter was only 12 and my son 14.  Hell, I could always take care of my kids (helps to have four younger brothers!).

In my experience, the author is dead-on (at least in my experience with my ex) – women feel better about themselves when they can make their man feel like shit about themselves.

I know that’s an overly broad statement, and it certainly isn’t true of many of the women I’ve met.  But it’s almost absolutely true of the women I have met that have a long history of finding nothing but “stupid self-centered men”.

Now I can also say that most of the low-self-esteem men I have met tended to be womanizers or dick-head partners as well… there is a lot to be said for feeling comfortable in your own skin!


Men might be a little insecure about their parenting techniques, but I’m willing to bet that’s only because women are always watching them with critical eyes quick to judge. If my brother-in-law makes one false move with his infant son, my Sea Donkey of a sister-in-law is quick to snap, “Just give him to me!” Then she’ll look at me, shake her head, and sigh. How is it possible that men can be so stupid?

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  1. @Karen – I cannot and do not disagree with you! Most men I know that are smart are smart enough to marry smarter women!

    This is such an old post though, I wonder why all you Stunblers are showing up now?


  2. The reason women tend to be critical of their husbands is because most women marry men who are not nearly as intelligent as they are.

    Also because our society does not require men to be competent – women always bail them out.

  3. Honestly, I’ve had my own doubt about wether “she” is really a she or not. She seems too logical to be a female (ducks and runs….)

  4. But she is your long lost twin sister, right? 😉

  5. LMAO – no I am *not* the author of Violent Acres! I did get a kick out of the suggestion though! But no, not my writing style at all (I wish I could take credit for it though!)