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I love this post (and the blog!) 

Self love is easy. Learning to love, respect, and admire someone different from you takes a bit more work. Furthermore, there is no more a freeing feeling than being completely open, honest, and raw with someone and knowing that they will still call you back the next day.

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  1. I have been saying this shit to my friends for quite some time. I’m so sick and tired of being PC and trying not to offend anyone. If people get offended simply at something I say, then I think they should stop being pussies and get the fuck over it. I mean, you don’t get through life successfully by fucking crying about everything. You become stronger and then the things people say roll off your back and you can stop worrying and pissing around about the little things and start being able to handle REAL shit when it happens. I can’t imagine a lot of my friends in a real crisis, because they will throw a tantrum about the smallest thing! Recently, I had a friend freak out (keep in mind that my friend is white) when we were talking about a racist plant holder that someone had found at the goodwill. We were describing how it looked, and she starts acting all offended (like anyone is giving a fuck because we’re not saying it’s ok, just that it’s racist AND, we’re all white, so she didn’t need to pretend to be offended for anyone). My husband then laughs and says, “Oh, your family probably owned slaves.” This sets her over the edge and she GOES HOME. Seriously, this bitch LEAVES THE PARTY because of a comment. Toughen the fuck up is what I say, and stop pretending to be one way so that everyone thinks that you’re this sensitive person (because I CAN SEE THAT YOU’RE NOT!).
    So now to answer your questions:
    “So, Internet, how do you feel about the world?”
    Well, I think I answered this question. I think the world is turning soft and it will be our downfall. Don’t get me wrong, I can be a total bleeding heart (WHEN THE CAUSE ACTUALLY DESERVES IT), but I’m not going to feel sorry for someone who gets into a situation and then expects people to just take care of it for him/her. (Hello, welfare system!)
    ” What do you think about the people in it?”
    In general, I like people. As long as people are real and informed on what they’re talking about, I won’t usually have any issues. I want to help people, but only those who actually need help. I see people like my mom, who when I was a kid, worked 2-3 jobs to support us and still needed help. If people are working and still need help, I support that. It’s the parents I see (I teach 1st grade) who just expect the government to pay for everything while they’re driving around in Monte Carlos bought with their drug money.
    “What makes you happy?”
    My husband, my family (MOM), my pets, my classroom, painting, drawing, taking pictures, crafting….
    “What makes you angry?”
    People who are uninformed or hypocritical. Take, for example, politics. I did not support Obama, and a friend of mine did. After explaining my platform and the reasons why I didn’t think he would be a good president, she replies with, “But…he wants world peace.” And then looks at me kind of like a mentally handicapped kid would. Ugh. And then I had friends who couldn’t figure out why I didn’t like Obama, despite my many blog posts and conversations, and just decided to call me a racist. Because I didn’t agree with them, I was a racist. Now, that’s bad enough, but then they would tell me to be more tolerant of other peoples’ views. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? YOU CAN’T EVEN DO THAT AND THEN YOU’RE TELLING ME TO, YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITICAL BASTARD??!!
    “Do you ever feel hopeless?”
    No, I don’t ever feel hopeless. You may not agree, but I have God’s love in my heart, and despite the fact that I curse and am not the most forgiving person, I know that my life is in His hands and that I will be taken care of.
    “What do you hate and what do you love?”
    I already told you what I hate, so here’s what I love: I love coming home from work and having my dogs act like they haven’t seen me in years. I love sitting back with a glass of wine and listening to music. I love spending even the most simple of activities with my husband. I love doing what I can to promote and help animal rescue groups. I love reading. I love painting. I love expressing. I love pictures. I love spending time with my Mom.
    ” Do you really give a shit about the war?”
    Honestly, I think we need to just stop being so weak and just bomb the fuck out of terrorist groups. Get the innocent civs outta there and just get rid of them. It’s defense because they’re gonna kill innocent people.

    I hope I didn’t reflect your opinions back on you, because I just stumbled randomly on this blog and liked it a lot.