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Good for you, V! I know EXACTLY what you mean.  I recently confided to a friend about a childhood friend of mine that was abused – and eventually killed by his own father.

That was a long, long time ago.

But what I specifically remember about this period  in my friends life – he wanted me to keep it secret. From my brothers (I have 5 of them) and my parents (I had the normal two of them).

It was a few years after I moved out of state that my friend died.  I have no idea how horrible his life was in the years in between.  Somehow though, I think he was probably at the point of accepting death at that time.  Life certainly wasn’t any fun for him even when I knew him.

So I am with you on this one V – fuck all those pompous assholes who think they could have done something more.

I wasn’t abused – but I still couldn’t do anything more for my friend – not at 13 or 14 years old.  Partly because the thing he was most afraid of is that I would tell someone, and partly because, I had no freaking clue who to tell.

I was just a kid.


These comments I’ve read on the Internet from what I assume to be grown, healthy, somewhat functional adults frighten me more than anything I’ve ever experienced in my own childhood. Because when I read them, I get the sneaking suspicion that people really believe that abused children are fully capable of saving themselves. With that attitude, these kids are doomed.

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