Violent Acres tries to get me laid

Why not? Even the wives’ of friends are jumping on that bandwagon – why not VA?

Nothing really drives a married committed woman as crazy as a single guy her husband’s age who is happy!

Makes them slut out their friends to “cure” my happiness.



Most women are almost irresistibly attracted to funny guys, so cultivate your sense of humor now. It is especially helpful if you possess what can be described as a ?dry wit.?

· Violent Acres


  1. @Deannie – considering that VA probably thinks EVERYONE but VA is a loser, then ANYONE but VA would qualify as a loser.

    But it doesn’t matter – I spent all day ignoring gorgeous women to no avail!

    VA lied to me 😥

  2. errr, ummm, how to say this? VA was giving the list of things that LOSERS do to get laid. And women who like LOSERS I guess like to be treated like doormats(?).

    So dude, this post on Violent Acres? It wasn’t for you! 😕