Vista Error Dialogs leave something to the imagination

All of a sudden my Vista Snipping Tool won’t work.  Here’s the error dialog I get.

snippingI find it to be less than helpful.

And the Snipping Tool doesn’t work.



  1. I must admit, I too have, (in fact, as recent as last week) at a certain place in my code, added a ‘divide by zero’.
    But .. I had a VERY good reason for doing so.

  2. @Paul – 😆

    Reminds me of a new version of Wildcat! BBS Software I upgraded to way back in 1983 or so. I suddenly found an error on my screen that read “It is impossible for the code to break here. What you have found instead is an undocumented non-feature. Congratulations!”

    At least they made the error interesting (I’ve remembered it for almost 25 years!) – even if neither error message was helpful 😉

    How bad does your code have to break for it to die as ugly as this? Not even any last words… just crash and burn! :mrgreen:

  3. Ok!