Vista Home Premium Isn’t

Microsoft forgot to include one of my favorite utilities in my Home Premium Edition.  I know this is just a mistake on their part and they’ll correct it soon.  I’m sure someone just forgot a flag on the final build script – it must be a mistake!

I mean, there really isn’t any reason they wouldn’t ship Remote Desktop Connection server on my “Premium” version of software is there?  Except that they just forgot, or screwed up?  I mean, this is something they had in Windows XP for crying out loud – certainly they aren’t purposely giving me LESS functionality with this upgrade, are they?

I mean, why would they?  Do they think we don’t need remote desktop connections in the home?  That’s fine, but don’t strip it out!

Here’s my position – I paid for an UPGRADE from XP to Vista Home Premium.  I did NOT expect less functionality.  So the way I see it Microsoft has not supplied me with what I paid for.

Microsoft – please ix this – give me back what I had before – I use Remote Desktop ALL THE FREAKING TIME.  At home.

Of course, TightVNC works well, but why should I have to install and manage a new piece of software to get the functionality that Microsoft has failed to deliver to me in my “upgrade”?

Yeah, I still like Vista.  But I miss Remote Desktop too.  Seems a stupid thing for Microsoft to piss me off about, since the code is done, it was included in XP, and it had to cost them more to strip it out than to leave it in.  *sigh*.  Sometimes I think the excessive caffeine in Redmond in screwing with the neural pathways at Microsoft.


  1. 🙂 I do have Ultimate – on my desktop, where I need the Media Center. And you are right – I had XP Pro, not Home.

    I still think Remote Desktop should be included in Home Premium though. Really, I do!

  2. No, they didn’t forget it and aren’t going to fix it, and you know it.

    And if you bought Vista HOME Premium, then you bought an upgrade for XP HOME, which also didn’t have remote desktop. So you didn’t go back in functionality. If you didn’t have XP Home, then you bought the wrong upgrade!

    That’s what you get for being cheap and not getting Ultimate! *sticks out tongue*