Vista install – 17 minutes "disk to Desktop"

I shit you not!  I bought a new motherboard today (to put in the new case along with the new DVD reader/burner I bought a couple weeks ago).  And 8 gig of double DDR RAM.  Basically, with the exception of my hard drives, this is an entirely new machine.

I installed Vista 32 bit Ultimate in 17 minutes from “disk to Desktop” – meaning from the time I booted off the install CD until I was sitting at my desktop.  My previous Vista installs each took an hour – easy.

System details will wait for another post tomorrow (well, hell, as fast as this thing is, it may be later tonight!) – after I get all my system drivers installed (video mostly) so I can show you the Performance Index.

But this Dual Core Pentium is SCARY fast with 8 gig of RAM!


I can’t wait until I get it configured!

And my son?  He walks in as I start the install and stands staring at it – not believing how fast it is.  Once it rebooted to the desktop he muttered, “and you don’t even play video games… what a waste” as he walked out of my office.  Hah!  Sucks to be him.

This is without doubt the fastest freaking machine I have ever owned.  Or used.

I may just have to play a video game or two on it – just to make my son even more jealous!


  1. @Victor – yes, the AMD is nice – my last two motherboards were AMD based. And they both SUCKED. Not the CPU – the motherboard chipset.

    It takes more than a CPU to build a reliable computer – and the NForce Chipset most AMD motherboards use (at least the ones I bought) totally sucked.

    So I am back to Intel – and very happy so far.


  2. lol, where did that divide 2 thing come from anyways?
    and wow, 8ghz is nice… but why the intel processor.. AMD Athlon 64×2 has much better structure…

  3. Enlightened. But, what’s the stuff about PAE hanging around the net? It doesn’t seem too definitive, but most articles around drop bits saying that it extends the adressable bits to 36 bits. Any ideas?

  4. @ All of ya! I have 8 gigs. I know Vista supports 4 beause that’s what it supports. I pout Vista on it because that’s wat I am using on it right now. But I plan on running 2008 Server on it (which I’ll install the beta this weekend). But I’ll still be able to dual-bot into my Vista installation.

    So do not divide by 2. I have 8 gigs.

    Any way you do the math, this is a fast freaking machine 🙂


  5. Yuvi,

    a. Where do I get that “divide by 2” from? From knowing Rob! 😉
    b. You were talking about “physically addressable” with 32 bit. That’s 4Gb. What the OS makes available for apps, is a different story. And yes, that’s more close to 3 (. something).
    c. ALL the Vista 32bit versions don’t support anything over 4Gb physical RAM. Period. ( See Microsoft’s own remark: )

  6. Link here. I am stupid. Sorry.

    On second thought, I think Rob’ll actually get PAE on and use more than 4 gigs, since I think 36 bits are enough to address 8 gigs. I think, atleast. The blog post says so, so it must be true…

    Am I drunk? Cannot possibly be… Never mind. Ignore this sentence. Ignore the previous sentence and this paragraph as well.

  7. @Paul: Why did I use that ‘@Paul’, considering you and I are so far the only participants here and I don’t need to address myself? Anyway, where did you get that “divide by 2” part from? And no, actually only 3 (add another 512 if you’re lucky) gigs of RAM are usable by apps (and windows itself). Explanation here[], though I think Rob might turn PAE on.

    Or am I wrong as usual?

  8. @Yuvi .. Actually, the physically addressable memory with 32 bits address space amounts to 4Gig.
    So, the numbers actually add up (considering that everything Rob says needs to be divided by 2 ;-).
    You CAN logically address more than 4 Gig. But Vista doesn’t do this.
    It’s restricted to 4Gb max. (‘Dual’ core or not…).

  9. 8 gigs? O_o

    But, aren’t 32 bit operating systems limited to 3 gigs of adressable memory?