Vista RC1 has an identity crisis

OOPS!  My bad.  The screenshot says RTM, not RC1.  So maybe it is really fixed (and if it is, can you send me an update or something?  It’s annoying!)



As this screen shot shows (click to enlarge), RC1 doesn’t seem to know that it IS RC1.












Notice the version on the desktop – and the fact it tells me my problem has been fixed in the same version of Vista I am using!

BTW, this error pops up often when I am using my XBOX 360 to view video off of my Vista Desktop machine.  It appears the Media Center on the computer crashes… which sucks, because it also causes the XBOX to lock up.

Bad bug.


  1. Thanks Jay.  I did realize what "RTM" stood for – I just couldn’t read it clearly on the little tablet I was using to do the screen capture (that’s why I changed this post to read "Ooops…".

    My guess is their will be an RC2 before an RTM though!

    Thanks for commenting,


  2. "Release to Manufacturing" is what RTM stands for and the message is that they have fixed it in the RTM version.