Vista Sounds

I think I have figured out the Vista sound scheme – or what I think Microsoft was looking for anyway. They are subtle, yet they get your attention.

They are audible, yet nobody on the other end of a phone call will hear them, and even those on the other end of a conference call with a good Polycom phone probably won’t hear them – and if they do, it’ll be almost subliminal.

That’s exactly what these sounds are nearly sublimanal, but recognizable.  New mail? – a light bing-bong noise. The first couple times I heard it I didn’t even realize what it was. It’s just ambient… until you are trained to recognize it – then you never miss it.

Brilliant! really – it’s perfect. I can easily ignore it if I am busy, but I can hear and respond to it if I am not. It is not a “Pavlov’s Bell” – it doesn’t immediately cause me to go check mail – but I know I have mail there. It’s not disruptive, like it was in Windows XP.

The Vista sound scheme is almost perfect -it gets my attention when I can afford to pay attention – and it’s background noise when I can’t.

Very well done.