Walmart Hell Part 2 · Violent Acres

OK, sometimes it is the very small victories that make me smile.  If you haven’t read V’s first post, read it.  Why?  Because this is exactly the type of thing I like doing – challenging unwritten (and written!) rules.  Trying to get people to realize they are being idiots following endless rules with no idea why.

Good job, V.  I’m proud of you.  Yes, you were a biatch in the Walmart – but they were also mindless drones.

And I’ll take one biatch over a corporation full of mindless drones any day.


Ok, so I went back to Super! Walmart tonight to pick up a couple of things. Dowdy greeter lady was still working the door, but unfortunately, didn’t recognize me. As I was strolling by the bank, however, I happened to see this:


Walmart Hell Part 2 · Violent Acres