Want close friends? Log off the Internet

The title of this article suggests that you have LESS close friends if you a ARE on the Internet – yet nothing in the article supports the title whatsoever.

I’m all for coming up with creative titles – that’s what gets people to read the article. I wish I was more creative with my post titles. But not so creative as to be deceptive – which I think this article has done.

YORK, England – Having a huge network of online buddies does not mean you have any more close friends than the rest of us, a British researcher said on Monday. Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are changing the nature of how people connect by making it easy to collect hundreds of friends and acquaintances online. Our data suggests weak ties are (more common) but there is no difference in the number of close friends people have, said Will Reader, an evolutionary psychologist at Sheffield Hallam University.

Want close friends? Log off the Internet – Digital Life – MSNBC.com