Waxy.org: Daily Log: Sex Baiting Prank on Craigslist Affects Hundreds

 There are so many problems with this that I don’t know where to start – first, it involves what most people consider a “morally-deprived” sector of society, so the “victims” won’t be getting much sympathy from most people, but I think the actions of the “experimenter” are very questionable.  This isn’t the same thing as Dateline’s Child Predator series – in that instance the men are actually breaking the law.  

In this case they are breaking marriage vows (and it is men and women) perhaps – or societal taboos (open marriages, etc).  But they are not breaking any laws (except of course those that emailed nude pictures of themselves – that can be a violation of the law).

But to step into the lion’s den and feed the lion, then report that the lion ate seems to be a spectacular NOTHING to me – except Jason Fortuny published the names and other info of people that contacted him.  Personally I find this reprehensible.  I feel that Jason was more morally inept then the people he “stung”.  He walked into a fringe of society and he baited the lion’s.  What in the fuck did he expect to happen? 

The fact he published ALL of the responses, to include personal data is a violation of almost everything: trust, common sense, common decency, etc, etc.  These people were not hurting Jason through their actions.  They were not hurting any minors – they were adults doing stuff that adults do every day – they were looking for sex, and in some cases cheating to find it.

What I think is the major point here is that these people had an expectation of privacy when they emailed Jason – they weren’t publicly sharing the information they sent to Jason.  They expected that they were talking to another Lion, and had no way to know they were instead talking to a liar.  An egotistical, self-promoting, stoop to any level to get attention JACKASS.

That’s my opinion, and I think the people who responded to him are disgusting – that’s just my personal opinion.  But I think Jason’s actions are even more disgusting. 

Link to Waxy.org: Daily Log: Sex Baiting Prank on Craigslist Affects Hundreds


  1. And I notice now that the post on Waxy has closed comments. I wonder why?


  2. Jackson – thanks for that link. I think you are right.

    And thanks for posting your thoughts on this – I just can’t believe anyone would have the audacity and ego to do this and not expect a severe backlash – not just from the “victims” but from any and all of us that value our privacy. This was a very juvenile act that was poorly thought out. People will literally get divorced because of this – kids will lose a parent.

    And what if someone gets angry enough to take a life (their own or someone else’s)? Where does this idiot’s responsibility end? In the legal courts, or “just the moral one’s”?


  3. http://apps.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=9.73.060

    Looks like he clearly violated this. Might be worth having some of the affected peeps get informed about it.