We Are Marshall (2006)

Matthew McConaughey has done a lot of films that I really enjoy, (U-571, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Wedding Planner, Edtv, etc) so when I started seeing trailers for “We Are Marshall” I was interested. 

Today I went online and tried to find out when the movie would be released (Dec 22) and then I found out a whole lot more.  First, it’s based on the true story of nearly an entire college football team, coaching staff as well as flight crew and fans that died in a plane crash in 1970.  75 people total.  I had no idea the movie was based on true events.

I found a great deal of information on the Marshall University web site dedicated to those who were lost.

Now I am even more eager to see the film.  I can’t imagine how difficult it was to build a new team from scratch, and to walk out for that first game the next season.  Even more, I can only imagine the emotion as Marshall wins it’s season opener at home.

Yeah, this one is on my short list of films I want to see.



Link to We Are Marshall (2006)


  1. The trailer is chilling. From what I’ve heard, the entire movie is equally brilliant.

    I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people–especially the ones who think a romantic comedy star, a TV actor and an action director can’t do great drama.

    This picture had better sweep the Oscars (and every other awards show.)

  2. Oh yeah, this went on my list the first time I saw the trailer a month ago.

    And it has *sigh* Matthew McConaughey…

  3. The full length trailer for this film, is, without doubt, the best edited trailer I’ve seen this year. If there are awards for film trailers (I think there are), this trailer deserves one. It’s phenomenal (this coming from someone who hates editing movie trailers).