Web statistics

I’m using an Alpha release of a new web analytics package (I can’t give their name yet). I love statistics, even though I never studied statistics.

Anyway, what I’ve found is that my external links don’t come from where I expected them to. For instance, Scoble had linked to me several times. I always see a huge blip in traffic. But Violent Acres? She doesn’t even allow comments – and she screens trackbacks – but I see a HUGE, like 10x increase in traffic. And she is anonymous. Unreal.

I don’t link to ViolentAcres (or anywhere else) because it drives traffic (although I do appreciate the traffic). I link to sites I like – generally sites that are interesting to me. I figure that if you are interested in what I write, you’ll probably be interested in the sites I find interesting.

WaiterRant is another example of a site I really enjoy. Basically a waiter telling stories. He does it well. Where is BartenderRant.com? THAT would probably be an interesting site. Or StripClubBouncer.com?

Heh – maybe I should just start those blogs. I have enough familiarity with bars that I could fake that one. And I won’t comment on my association with the other establishments. I might be able to fake a StripClubBouncer.com blog as well though.

Ah well, cold as heck here. Time to make a little something to warm the belly. Jim Beam Black, anyone?