WebBizIdeas – Building the Social Web







I get several people a week that talk to me about their web-based ideas – but most of them don’t have a clue where to start.  If their idea is based on some sort of Social Networking, I usually send them to the WebBizIdeas website. 

WebBizIdeas builds social networking sites.  They have already done most of the heavy lifting on the code and database development (for a wide variety of types of sites – video sharing, dating, etc), so the initial costs are much lower than starting from scratch – plus the team at WebBizIdeas is very helpful in guiding people along during the decision making path.

If you need a site that’s basically completely built from scratch, they can do that as well – but the key thing to take away from this mini-review is that in my experience, WebBizIdeas doesn’t just build web sites – they help you build a business.

Here’s a link to an example of their work: MochaMates.

(DISCLAIMER: I currently have a customer that is using WebBizIdeas for site development on a project I am managing – so I have an indirect relationship with WebBizIdeas)