Welcome, 2007

This is how I woke up, at about 5 am (I didn’t stay up until midnight last night – I was in bed by ten).

Cell Phone Rings.  It’s across the house.  By the time I get to it, it stops ringing.  Fumble looking for the caller-id, but can’t, and head back to the bedroom.  Home phone rings.

“This is ‘Larry’ from San Antonio EMS…”

And I won’t go into details.  Everyone is fine.  No broken bones, and many people have received such calls that ended up being much worse.  I’m lucky.  I spent 6 hours in the ER, but everyone is fine.  Some lessons to be learned, for sure.  But nobody hurt, and nobody with any future court dates.

So I started 2007 with a scare, but I am lucky.


  1. I may share more when I get back from my trip to New Orleans. I don’t know enough of the story first-hand yet, and I am not in the mood to press things. I want to enjoy my time donating money to New Orleans Recovery (Err – Casinoes!)


  2. Happy New Year!

    So… okay…. what happened?