Welcome to dimdim

dimdim I haven’t received my beta invitation for dimdim yet – but one of my clients has. We gave it a run tonight and I am impressed.

dimdim is an online meeting platform. You can share desktops, audio, video, applications, have public and private chats, and more.

First, the audio quality is amazing. It is better than Skype (we tested both at the same time, same machines, same connections). While the Skype audio was somewhat muffled the dimdim audio sounded as if my client was sitting right next to me.

The application sharing rivaled that of high end pay services (you know the ones)!

We didn’t test the webcam part of the service, but will soon. And we did have a few small glitches. But the service seems incredibly fast compared to some of the other services I have used.

Go get your invite now!

And if dimdim wants to give me some invites for my readers, that would be cool!)

dimdim is the world´s first free web meeting service based on the open source platform. dimdim is a browser-based web 2.0 service that allows anybody to share their desktop, show slides, as well as talk, listen, chat, and broadcast via webcam. dimdim´s hosted service is available for free and can be easily used for small gatherings, to seminars with hundreds of attendees. With absolutely no software to download for attendees, dimdim gives everyone the opportunity to hold Web meetings and to customize and brand these meetings.

Welcome to dimdim


  1. I am really interested in trying out the Dimdim, can someone please send me an invite so that I can try it out.

    Thanks in Advance.


  2. @Sundar – I have emailed you my contact information

  3. Hello Rob,

    Please provide me with your email address so that I can send you user credentials for our hosted dimdim edition.

    Can we please talk sometime to explore possibilites? Which time zone are you located in and what number should I use to call you?

    Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any further queries.

    Sundar Subramanian
    Co-Founder and Director of Business Development
    Tel: 1 617 297 2350

  4. I just sent in for my invite, I think it might make a great tool for our online focus groups.  Can’t wait to see how it will work.

  5. @Sisir – I am pretty sure it was that blog post of yours that let me know about dimdim.  I’ll be watching them closely – it is, so far, a very compelling product!

  6. Cool! I happened to meet Mr. DD Ganguly, the CEO of dimdim when he visited the IIT-KGP barcamp…he anchored a session on social networks!