This is an interesting (if depressing) service.  But it does get the message across.

In the attached map I live in the yellowed-out area.  Sex offenders galore to the south of me, and one to the north.  But all in all NOT in the midst of them.

vision2020Unless I check the Texas Sex offender list – it shows a half dozen within a mile of me.

I think the problem with this site is how they do their mapping – I entered my Zip Code.  After that I told it to show all sex offenders within 10 miles. I don’t think they are displaying sex offenders within ten miles unless they are in my zip code.

This is a fairly common mistake in data filtering – they assume my filter revisions should be applied to my last filter (zip code).  But when I select all sex offenders within ten miles there is only one filter I want applied – that is, show me all of the sex offenders within ten miles, even if they are in another Zip Code, City, State, or Country.

But the site has some promise, and is visually stunning once you realize each of those dots is someone that is a potential predator.


There are 650,000 registered sex offenders in America ? and that number grows by about 25,000 every year. Wouldn?t you like to know if any of them are living in your neighborhood?
Now you can!

Use the Vision 20/20 POM Offender Locator to identify registered sex offenders living in your area. Do it now. It?s Free! Just type your address and zip code, and find out exactly where they live. Our system will reveal their location instantly – with their address and their picture.

You can also register with POM Offender Locator to receive an alert the moment any new offender moves into your neighborhood. It?s a Free service!



  1. ad #2, yes I’m serious. The key to that is the word ‘potential’. I didn’t say everyone IS a predator, but anyone could be, you just don’t know by looking at them.

    And sex offenders aren’t restricted to ‘child molesters’ .. if you grab your waitress’ bottom, you too will end up as a sex offender.

  2. @Paul –

    1) I wasn’t – I was checking out various mapping implementations.

    2) You aren’t serious?

    3) Most of those on the map are not in Castle Hills – most are in San Antonio (which surrounds us!).

    I know that some of these “sex offenders” are really less dangerous than others. Some are labeled as a sex offender for being 18 and fooling around with their 16 3/4 year old girlfriend’s. Which, since I have a 16 3/4 yer old daughter is frightening to me, but not really a “sex offense” IMHO.

    But many of the others are just sick, sick people that have done horrible things to children.

  3. 1. WHY on earth are you searching the web for sex offenders?

    2. EVERYONE in your neighborhood (and mine) is a ‘potential’ predator.

    3. The fact that there are so many makes me wonder: Are we humans really such beasts, much more than you would have thought, .. or is there something wrong with the system that marks people as ‘sex offender’? What are the criteria?

    .. or is there something in the air, in Castle Hots?