Well, THAT didn’t take long!

I must be a successful blogger now – I got my first death threat.  Cool.

But I think I won’t be getting a doorbell ring on this one – not from the UAE.  It would hardly be worth their time [for someone from there to fly over here and visit me.

I am interested in meeting some of those flag-burners from Washington State though – they can afford to reach me.

Am I afraid?  Hmm.  Let’s see.  I live in the most armed state in the most armed nation – and in one of the most armed cities.  Nope.  Not worried :).  My peeps got my back.  What they don’t deal with, I’ll take care of.  Personally.

And I don’t think these Veteran Grave flag burners even have the balls to comment on my blog, much less come and meet me.


  1. Dave – just find someone who is fanatical FOR or AGAINST something, and question them 🙂

    Works every time. heh.


  2. I guess that makes me an unsuccessful blogger. Who do you have to kill to get a death threat around here? 😉

  3. Yuvi – of course I do 🙂

  4. Peh. I got mine a year ago 😉

    And btw, do you have any arms? (of the will-shoot-a-bullet-if-you-pull-a-trigger kind?(Not of the can-run-flapping-around kind))