WGA (Screen Writer’s) Strike

Watching TV with my daughter we heard an unbelievably lame series of lines (on Chuck).  She told me, "That was really lame" and I replied, "What do you expect, the Writer’s are on strike".

Of course I did later tell her that this episode was written before the strike, but before I could do that she asked, "Why are they on strike?".

I told her that I thought the biggest reasons were that they wanted a share of the DVD and Internet downloads of content based on their creations.

My daughter said, "Well, that seems fair – they did create it, so it theirs, right"?  To which I answered that no, they sold the creations to the studio, by agreeing to work there.  So the studios actually owned the work now.

And this is why I love my daughter as a creative thinker – her next response to me was, "Well, if the creations are theirs, don’t they have a right to set their own pricing?"

And then I find this fresh new zefrank episode, from today: