What do you charge?

For some reason this is becoming a more popular question lately.  It is an extremely difficult thing to answer.

You would think I would have an hourly rate determined by now.  But I don’t.  I’ve never even tried to calculate it.  I doubt hiring me on an hourly basis makes much sense though – I tend to work  a lot of hours doing a lot of things you might not expect me to do – but if I was billing hourly I would expect to get paid for that time.

Every company is different.  Product type, ramp up time, finances – and my arrangements with companies are just as varied.

I work for cash (cash is good).  I work for options, equity, and opportunities to invest. And about every permutation of those you can imagine.

Every customer is different.  Every thing I “charge” is different.  It all depends on what you expect of me, what I might be risking, what you are risking by working with me, etc.

But if you are really curious, just call me and we’ll talk.  First call is always free (and privileged), so you have nothing to lose.  And if we connect, then there is a way to work out the money.  There always is.