What do you worry about?

I received this question from a friend of mine – as part of a research project.

It’s a multi-part question.  Feel free to answer yourself – she’s watching the comments in this post.

What do you personally worry about – things relating to your family/friends/community, etc?

Personally, I don’t worry about much.  I think about things, but I don’t worry.  There are things I can control and affect.  There are things I cannot.  I am concerned about what happens to my kids if I die tomorrow.  I think about what I would do if I couldn’t work.  I think about these things, but I don’t dwell on them.  I know in the end my kids will be taken care of by their mother, or my family, or my friends.

What do you worry about for your industry/career?

Probably not much.  I really think it would take a global war, or a global financial collapse to really affect the Internet right now (my “industry”).  Even in the event of a global collapse, someone will probably need someone like me.  And if I am wrong, then it’s probably going to be an ugly world to live in anyway – so I wouldn’t miss it.

What do you worry about for your nation?

Some will quickly say “The War”, or “Terrorism”.  I don’t.  I think our tendency towards a creationalist state is just as dangerous, and much closer to home.  When we no longer accept other people’s points of view, we become a very dangerous place.  We become what most Americans now fear – a zealous religious cult.  Doesn’t matter to me if it is in the name of Allah or the name of Jesus – extremism scares me.

What do you worry about for your planet?

Many people might say Global Warming – but I think we have a better chance of meeting our end through a global pandemic event – or even out of control genetic experimentation.  Global warming can kill humankind in a thousand years.  A pandemic might do the same in a thousand days.

Any other thoughts/fears?

Yes – I am afraid that so many people have expectations of their valuation that really are similar to many of the companies before the Dot-Com bubble burst.  They have never delivered anything yet consider themselves to be very valuable.  Too valuable in some cases to do any honest work.  They aren’t building anything.  They are not producers – they are only consumers.  This will destroy our economy.  It already is.

Everyone seems to think they are worth more than they have proven they are worth.  Everyone has expectations that they think the government should meet – “free” healthcare, “free” Internet, “free” computers.  Who is going to pay for free?  NOT the Government.  The Government is broke.  Literally and figuratively.

I’m concerned that businesses here in the US are outsourcing manufacturing – at great expense (both short term and for our future).  I am concerned that it will be too late when we realize that we MUST remain a strong manufacturing nation.  That alone helped us win World War II. Without manufacturing capacity during the 1930’s we would all be living in a very, very different world.  We must build, not buy.  If we can build here and sell overseas, all the better.  But if we can just build here and sell here we will be a stronger country.  So we pay $1.00 more for a T-Shirt at Walmart – so what?  “free” healthcare will cost you a hell of a lot more than that.

We are too busy looking at immediate gains – we demand our public companies return short term profit – even at the expense of long term viability.  We are acting like we are living a shorter life span rather than than a longer one.  We are getting to live to be MUCH older, yet we are demanding that everything pay off today.  Nobody is willing to fund tomorrow (Social Security is a good example).  We expect our kids to pay our bills – yet we won’t be building anything here that we can sell anymore.

I’m concerned that we are becoming a nation of consumers, and users – and no longer builders and inventors.


  1. Hah! Mine is obviously the biggest because, you see, it is transparent! Combined with the fact that Rory is pregnant, mine is bigger than yours!

  2. Ha! My fairy-in-the-sky is MUCH bigger and stronger than yours!

  3. Only one? No damn way! How dare you omit the Transparent Horny Phoenix! I might be the only one still having faith in Her (mind the capitals), but don’t you dare disrespect my faith!

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  5. @Paul: How dare you miss the FSM and Transparent Horny Phoenix? Thou shalt feel the wrath….

  6. “I think our tendency towards a creationalist state is just as dangerous, and much closer to home”

    You can say that again! Especially that ‘closer to home’

    1. Don McLeroy, president of the Texas State Board of Education (!!!!!) is a creationist and has clearly an ‘agenda’.
    (see http://blogs.houstonpress.com/houstoned/2007/07/creationism_and_the_dumbing_do.php)
    Said he, referring to biology text books: “It is wrong to teach opinion as fact,” .. you may agree with that … until you realize the ‘opinion’ he mentions refers to evolutionary theory.

    2. Texas congressman Ron Paul (running for president!) once had ueber creep Gary North on his staff: read THIS on Gary North: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_North (Yes, it’s that guy who wants te establish biblical law in this country and stone everyone to death who disagrees with him. Stoning? Yes, stoning! It’s cheap and can be quite a fun family outing!)

    3. TX State Rep. Debbie Riddle really thinks that everybody needs to get HER religious views rammed down their throats by adding a reference to God to the Texas pledge. This incredibly ignorant, arrogant bigot of a representative thought there were holes in the pledge! Of course there weren’t, but NOW there are.. many! By including God, we now also have to plug the holes for Allah, Buddha, Vishni, Zeus, Wodan and oh horror, Satan… to name just a few. Way to go Debbie Dumbest! AMAZING that nobody put a halt to this, but then.. that would probably have cost votes! See: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/5020241.html