What Does Google Think You Look Like?

Over on the Read/Write Web Alex talks about his experience doing a Google Image search of his name.  I did the same.  No pictures of me showed up, at least not in the first 4-5 pages of results, but what did show up was interesting.  Mostly, a whole lot of Gaping Void cartoons.  Odd.  I have exchanged emails with Hugh Mcleod on a couple occasions (he made a custom business card for me – don’t tell anyone).  I’ve commented on Hugh’s blog maybe a half dozen times.  I may have linked to him from this blog a few times.

But how does that get me this many Google Image Search results for my name that display Hugh’s comics?  I have no clue.  But it’s pretty good company to be in, so I’m not going to bitch about it.

My favorite part about the results? The first two comics. 

Here’s the first one:









And the second:









Why do they make me laugh?   I have no clue.  They just do. 



This morning someone emailed me and asked me to send them a headshot for my bio. I went to Google image search and typed in alex iskold. The results that I got were a mix of photos of me, my diagrams, as well as photos and pictures of people and objects I had never seen before.

Source: What Does Google Think You Look Like?