What Entrepreneurs Do

A friend of mine told me the other day he sold his car.  He sold it to continue to fund his new company, his new dream.

Now this wasn’t an ordinary car – this was an Italian sports car – one of those really, really nice ones.  And he gave her a name.  I have no doubt he loved that car.

And it wasn’t the expense of the car that made this decision difficult – it was the personal value it had to him.  It was his sign of some success – something he achieved through his own determination and efforts. 

And then he found another idea that he believes in enough that he is sure he can do it again.

And if he does, he can replace the car – perhaps with something that runs on a power source other than gasoline (hey, just saying!)

And he can continue to help other people.

And I’m glad I know him – he has guts, and character. 

And the entrepreneurial spirit.