What fun is having a blog if you can’t embarrass yourself now and then?

This picture is from 1979 – or very early in 1980.  That’s me – in a Navy Barracks in San Diego, CA.  I have a computer!  Yes – I’ve been into computers for that long.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t the only Active Duty member of the Navy with their own computer in their room at that time – at least the only Enlisted one.  Computers were pretty damn rare back then!

I didn’t even have a cassette recorder for the computer then – every time I turned it on and wanted to run a program I had to type the entire thing in.  In BASIC.  From a command prompt.  Yeah – things have gotten easier.


 I remember I used to play a Space game that was something like Battleship.  I forget the name – but I remember it was 182 lines of BASIC code – and at one point I could type in every line from memory – in under five minutes.


Computers have gotten a lot better.  The Internet, Hard Drives, COLOR! monitors, mice – all better.  But I do miss the old days – when everyone you met who had seen a computer was a programmer – and understood the hardware AND the software.

Anyway, feel free to have fun in the comments.  I’m just having enough fun looking at all these old pictures my Dad gave me that I probably won’t even care if you are giggling at me!


And YES – I WAS about 18 1/2 years old when this picture was taken.  I retain my boyish looks now 🙂

UPDATE – Zoomed in on the photo and see that I did indeed have the cassette recorder when this was taken – so it was probably May of 1980.


Didn’t get a mouse for another 7 years!


  1. I was an AW – then eventually a combat medic stationed with Marines. It was all good 🙂

  2. Paul Wilsoz! says:

    Wow, let me guess you were an OS, an ET (DS?) or some other Combat Systems/Operations sailor, right?

    Artist-formerly-known-as-IT2 Wilson

  3. I suddenly realized what the book is that sits on my desk in this photo. It is Roget’s Thesaurus, which I read for fun.


    Yes, I am a bit nerdy. Still.

  4. Three cheers for nostalgia.

  5. I like the vintage Pepsi can