What Google Search Results don’t show

And YES this post is for fun, I don’t profess to know anything about how numbers work.  I make money, and try to spend something less than that.  That’s my use for numbers.

But Ike, and Kami and I (or me, or myself – mentally self-correct – don’t expect me to do the work for you!) have been looking at the Google search results for our first names.

Today Ike made it to the front page in the US – the tenth Ike listed.  Kami is listed as the sixth result on the first page.

Me?  My more common name of Rob is listed as 31st (still Ike, you got work to do here!).

But looking beyond the simple results displayed, let’s look at the total results for each name (screen shots are at the end to support my claim to what the numbers were when I wrote this post).

For Ike, there are "about" 13 million results.

For Kami there are "about" 50,100,000.

That’s a lot of results.

But how about Rob?

One hundred and two million (about).

So, being 31st in a pool of 102,000,000 is pretty good.  How does that really compare to Ike, being tenth of (about) 13 million, or Kami being 6th in (about) 50 million?

Obviously I have a heck of a lot more competition for namespace.

But is there a real way to compare my 31st placement, Ike’s 10th, and Kami’s 6th, considering the total results for each name?

Can someone (preferably NOT from Marketing) give me a nice little "adjusted for inflation" type graph that shows the relative weight of each Google result based on the number of competitors for the namespace?

Or is that just insignificant?  And if so, why so? (and I do not mean it is unimportant – I DO realize this entire post is unimportant! – but are the comparative results different if adjusted for the pool of available results?)

Does that make sense?  It totally does to me right now.  But I’ve been wrong before :).  I’m not afraid of being wrong again.


Come on Paul – give it a shot 🙂















  1. My Actual Full Name is Yuvaraj Pandian.
    But, all my online “properties” say it’s Yuvi Panda.

    I’m top result for Yuvi (beating a *very* famous & controversial cricketer. Yay!)

    But, I’m on the friggin 9th place for my actual real name. The name which my non-tech savvy friends know me as. Sigh. And, it’s not even remotely common (How many Yuvarajs do you know?)

    I’ll try to come up with a metric for this next time I’m bored and in class…

  2. @Kami – funny 🙂

  3. Umm, you are more popular than Ike and Kami. Wait…I am from marketing so that last statement doesn’t count.

  4. “How about a religion where people pay NOT to follow me?”

    Sounds like an excellent idea!

    Reminds me of an old Chinese tradition where people would pay their doctors as long as they were healthy (and stop paying when sick)!
    Speaking of motivation for doing your job right! (keeping people healthy and curing the sick)

  5. You are comparing Apples & Oranges anyway… Ike & Rob are names only (as far as I know) but Kami is also a religious term. So you simply cannot compare the number of search results.

  6. @Paul – BTW – this is kind of the same business model MS has with OEM copies of Windows – you buy it with your PC but MS offers you no support.

    I wanna be like that – OTHER people sell my religion for me and pay me for the privilege of doing so – yet I have absolutely ZERO responsibility to support them.

  7. @Paul – Followers sound a lot like employees. Been there, done that. Have my own kids to raise.

    How about a religion where people pay NOT to follow me? Wouldn’t that be kind of like the best of both worlds? I get the money, but not the headaches?

  8. @Paul – you said, “Is there a way we can correlate all that information? Yes. MANY ways!

    Is there a meaningful way to do that?


    OK, I accept that. But is there a way you could do the math that shows I am MORE popular than Ike and/or Kami. That’s really all I care about 🙂

  9. No! You NEED followers! You WANT followers! (think “tithe”!) Followers don’t care about what you actually know.. they care about that you TELL them YOU “know”. You can even ‘teach’ them that they’re not ALLOWED to know what you know, or ELSE (garden of Eden… popular in other religions as well!). All that followers are interested in is ‘following’! Make them follow! (TITHE!)

  10. @Paul – would love to define a religion – any idea how I could do that without “followers”? Followers scare the shit out of me – I don’t profess to know enough to lead anyone anywhere at anytime.

    Wait – could THAT be a religion? The non-followers? The Anti-Rob?

    Maybe I can build on that…

  11. Well, of course I had to try my own name “Paul”.
    With an interesting result: #1 was Paul the Apostle.
    Which is interesting, since Paul never was an apostle! Never even met Jesus. Actually, hardly ever acknowledged an historical Jesus!
    He may have single handedly invented and defined Christianity (he did!) … he did NOT know Jesus! Look it up, don’t take my word for it!

    On to the math..

    Is there a way we can correlate all that information? Yes. MANY ways!

    Is there a meanigful way to do that?


    If you want to get to first place .. I suggest you invent and define a religion!

  12. @Ike – So I am destined for the practice team. Sigh.

    I blame Robert Kennedy then, since he is responsible for my name. Shit. He’s not around.

    I guess you are right. Dad, you SUCK!

    (I thought that would help, but didn’t really 🙂 )

    At least all three of us are TOPS for our full names!

  13. I sympathize with you, Rob, but the fact of the matter is that very few internet users go past the first page.

    If I were you, I’d blame my parents.

    And remember, in California in the 1990s, there were 228 baby girls named “Unique.”