What I Have Learned by Blogging

Most of what I’ve learned by blogging comes through comments that were blocked, by way of one of my layers of security.  Nonetheless, I have learned a lot:

  1. I can have as big of a penis as I want and/or can afford.
  2. Drugs are cheap, and plentiful (and oddly, Canadian!).
  3. I “have very professinil site.  Keep up good werk.  Viagra cheap here”
  4. “You write like the wind sings, in all of its harshness. Cialis best price here”
  5. Two dogs cannot help themselves.  One of them will need Viagra or “naked Brittany Spears” movies else they “don’t bark like dogs no more” (WTF?)
  6. At 5 feet 10 inches tall I must be fat.  Of my 145 pounds, at least 20% of it must be fat.  Why else would so many people be offering to help me with my weight problem?
  7. Everyone should be able to “reap rewards aplenty with these hot hot hot stocks that will only go up up up”
  8. MS Office 2007 will only cost $79 and Vista will only be $40.  Assuming I have no integrity, or common sense.
  9. Men think women enjoy loads of ejaculate.  Perhaps they do.  I don’t know.  The ones I have met love loads of *real* attention, and a little bit of conversation.  But it’s good to know a pill can solve my problem if I am wrong on this one.
  10. There are thousands of companies out there that have better mortgage offers than I could find when I bought my house.  That’s amazing – that I am that stupid, and that I couldn’t find a decent mortgage.  Unreal! 


  1. I’ve never gotten a breast-enhancement spam. Interestingly enough, all of a sudden most of my comment spam includes a joke before the endless porn links — and some of the jokes are actually funny! I love Akismet – 332 spam comments stopped so far in just this month!


  2. Sounds like your spam ‘comments’ are better targeted than mine!
    I get offers for boob jobs all the time!