What is a customer worth?

I have no clue.  Let’s start there.

I know they have a real value – and a better value then a proposed customer. A bird in the bush, and all of that.  I get it.  Customers are valuable.

But what are they really worth?  What relationship do you have with them?  What they spend is often a big factor, but do they know you?  Do you know them?

Who really cares?

A customer is a customer, right?  Don’t they all have the same value?

It would be great if I could say yes. Would give me more credibility in how I talk about customers.

But at the end of the day, no employees or customers are the same.  They have unique value and ROI.

Finding it, and making the best of it – is magic.

If you can talk to a $10/month customer the same way you talk to a $50K a month customer  – well, you might know a bit about social media.  Which is basically, “I get people”.

There is little magic here.

It is really mostly just giving a shit.  Which is hard for many to manage. Or even realize is really important..

It is real though.  Customers love to listen to people that have been there, and walked in their shoes.

People follow leaders.  No matter the discipline.

Lead, you tech freaks – I know you want to!

And I trust you to.


  1. On the other side, you also should value employees the same way. Certain employees just get it done, others create promoters, and then you have those that create detractors. You want to keep the promoters who are crazy about your company.

    In May I was let go from the company I was working for at the time, without explanation or a change to explain my side, because a customer at the company I was working for did not feel their data was safe because I publicly complained about them, and was not given a warning from the company NOT to complain about them. Office politics, but I learned a lot from it.

    But this isn’t about me, it’s about building great companies, that treat customers the way they are meant to be treated. I think that yes, you should treat your 50k customers the same way you treat the $10 customer, but I also believe it’s true with employees. You may only be paying one employee 40 grand a year, and another 120 grand per year, but which one creates the most promoters, and therefore in reality is a direct result of more income for that company? Pretty easy to figure that one out. If you can’t treat your own employees that way, how can you expect your customers to trust you? These are questions I always ask myself in doing business.

    Just food for thought.



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