What I’ve learned in 2007 « Scobleizer

I just read Robert’s “What I’ve Learned” post.  I found #38 to be especially interesting because on a couple of occasions this year I have told Robert he needs to get out of the Valley and talk to people in Boston, Raleigh, Austin, Houston, etc.

Robert’s reply was that he lived in the Valley because everything cool was happening in the Valley.

So he DID learn something in 2007!

So who did I talk to in 2007?  Partners in Australia, Dubai, Iraq, Saudi, Lebanon, Brazil and Vietnam.  Oh – and Minnesota 🙂

It’s a huge little world, and cool stuff is happening in every corner of it.

38. The interesting stuff that’s happening is going on outside the valley. What I find is interesting is that everyone assumes that things like Twitter and Facebook are happening only in the Valley or in San Francisco. That’s not true, just watch http://www.twittervision.com to see how wrong that assumption is. I want to go to China, Russia, and India in 2008 and I bet I’ll get to at least one of those places.

What I’ve learned in 2007 « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger