What? Lijit confuses.

I used Lijit for a while. It slowed my site down, just like all the other Javascript (mostly) stuff I had here. It’s all gone now, and Lijit has been gone a while. But I still got their emails, until today, when I clicked on “unsubscribe”.

I can’t imagine why my unsubscribe from a newsletter request would have anything whatsoever to do with Facebook.

Is my subscription to the newsletter part of a Facebook App? I doubt it, but the message is confusing. Or could be.

In any case, I don’t understand the alignment of the stars that should occur before these two messages would be displayed together in the context of unsubscribing from a mailing list.



  1. @Rob: If this is Lijit’s “canned text”, then someone ought to throw away the can opener… Not a single word makes any sense. Looks like some Bablefish-translated Mandarin to me.

    @Barney: if you like to continue receiving salary from Lijit, I suggest you quit writing gibberish in people’s blogs.

    As for ‘if your [sic] in America’ … No, Rob lives in Siberia… hence that San Antonio, Texas weather widget: he’s jealous… Sheesh…

    Some welcome to “the” Web 2.0 … indeed! *shudders*

    @Rob… this must be a troll… just ignore it.

  2. Rob,

    Heck, if Lijit had shared code with Facebook I would be asking for shares instead of salary!

    This may be a simple bug. Most of our engineers will be available Tuesday and I am forwarding your screen cap on to them for an answer.

    But, good or ill, we are here, on line, monitoring the internet for Lijit comments. We take our service that seriously.

    If your in America, I hope we both get some sleep tonight.


  3. Barney, no – I joined Lijit before I joined Facebook. And I never went back and added anything Facebook related to Lijit (or vice-versa).

    And I know this isn’t a big deal – but I am honestly just curious about the cross-link – because I am also building web applications, and everything I learn helps my clients (and me!).

    But it does seem you have some shared code in your email confirmations that shouldn’t be shared. Best it’s revealed in a painless manner instead of in an embarrassing one!


  4. Rob,

    When you signed up with Lijit did you post a Facebook site for yourself? If so this may be the cause for this message. I appreciate the time you are taking,

    Boulder, CO

  5. My post was about Facebook only because I unsubscribed from the weekly email update from Lijit. From my side, my actions had NOTHING to do with Facebook.

    That is what made me curious about why some random Facebook data showed up on my unsubscribe form. And that’s all I am curious about. What you are doing with Facebook isn’t on my radar.


  6. Rob,

    I am glad my comment posted, my laptop burped working your site and I did not know if it did.

    Your post was about the facebook interface communication, and Lijit has to work with Facebook to correct any issue by a user. We are not a one world, one owner system.

    Seriously, Lijit’s goal is to make certain our unique network search works for our users. And we watch day and night to do this. I assure you I am a flesh and blood creature. Barney

  7. @Barney –


    Are you in Marketing, or the CEO or something?

    Or a Development Manager?

    Not trying to be a smart-ass, but your comment really didn’t make much sense. At least not in the context of my post.

    Or is this just a ‘bot that looks for Lijit related posts and spits out canned text? (I am seriously asking that question).

    Your comment didn’t seem to have much to do with my post…


  8. 💡 Welcome to the Web 2.0 world where different social networks need to ask permission to ‘undo’ social constructs from each other.

    We are looking into your post, and in this the current wild west of networking, where one service connecting to another is either ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ by attempt; Lijit’s role is to consider network search, and do what we can to make it work. Any time, anywhere. We read all commentary, good or bad, on our service, and work to make it work. We are here. We are reading. We are working to provide.

    Barney, Lijit. Barney@lijit.com