What the heck is “PhotoCycle?”


I am so looking forward to this!  Marc Silber is an extremely talented photographer (and a really nice guy).

I have exchanged a few messages with Marc over the last year or so and he is always interesting, engaging, and kind.  The PhotoWalk he did with Scoble last year is still one of my favorite Scoble videos.  I have embedded it below. 

I’ll let you all know via my blog when Marc gets his first PhotoCycle episode is out.




A new Camera that you can ride? Nope. Its our show that will be launched soon on FastCompany.TV, so named because it covers the whole cycle of photography beginning with inspiration and visualization, tricks and tips, through to the final print and even how to sell your work. Well be introducing you to the masters of photography and take you along on our PhotoWalks.

Photo Gallery – Marc Silber


  1. Thanks Rob. I’m really passionate about helping others (and myself) become better at their craft. this show will be amazing, stay tuned!