What won’t Peyton Manning do for a Buck?

It’s Master’s week – and instead of seeing Tiger Woods all over commercials I am seeing Peyton (Pay-Ton’s) Manning.  Over, and over, and over.

OK – I am officially tired of Peyton now, ok?  This Gatorade commercial is just stupid (and makes him look stupid and not in a cute, “Oh the silly jock” kind of way.  He just looks like an idiot.

First off – I don’t do Gatorade for breakfast.  That’s why the aliens brought us V8.  V8 is the ULTIMATE breakfast drink.  It is So versatile:

  • Make meatloaf – pour a can of V8 (my son and I prefer Spicy for this) over the meatloaf before you cook it.  Moist, yes.  Tasty, heck yes!
  • A little Vodka and pepper and you have a pseudo Bloody Mary (I know – you bartenders will argue, but hell, V8, Vodka a stick of celery or two and pepper for breakfast probably means I’m not being too damn particular that morning anyway).
  • V8 loves beer.  And beer loves V8.  Spicy if you can take it, regular V8 if you can’t.  I know this will cause the testicles of my European friends to crawl so far inwards they are protruding out their “bung holes” – but it’s a fact – this is a damn fine use for V8 (even if not a perfect use for beer).  It does, though make the V8 less intrusive.
  • V8, poured over a can of dog or cat food will entice the fussiest of pets.
  • A roast in a pressure cooker is best cooked smothered in V8.
  • Got some cheap steaks that just don’t do well on their own?  Put them on the grill – once you are ready to flip the steaks, pour the V8 on them.  Wait a minute and flip.  Repeat until the steaks are done.  This adds flavor, and color, and moisture (not to mention taste to an otherwise maybe not so great cut of steak).
  • You can saute chopped onions in V8 for a really unique taste.  I came about this one day after having too many V8/Vodka drinks (or was it V8/beer?) before dinnertime.  Hell, before lunch, even.
  • This one sounds really weird, I know – but if you make home made bread – complete the dough – just prior to baking mix in some V8 (you may have to slightly reduce the liquid you add into the initial bread recipe – play with it).  You end up with a brilliantly colored bread that is extremely tasty, and you get the added benefit of the goodness of V8 (i.e. – wash it down with a Beer/V8 combo).

So I’m not buying any of this new “breakfast Gatorade”.  Not until someone else find a better use for it that waking up thirsty.  I got water for that!


  1. I thought so.
    Well, I think you’re a brilliant chef and you should open a restaurant.

    “Maison La Gesse”

    (But I wouldn’t give Vodka to my pets, if I were you!)

  2. Errr…. sure it is, Paul. Sure it is.


  3. V8? That’s a new brand of Vodka, right?