OK, as long as I am buying domains, I bought this one.  Why?  Because I have a pretty cool idea for Social Networking Sites (SNS) – like the current blogging “pingservers”, I want to create a mechanism for people to “ping” whatdoyouknowabout.us and get SNS systems (MySpace, Facebook, etc) to respond with something simple (based on your email address) like:


“Facebook: never heard of you”

“MySpace – you have an account!  Click here for access details!”



Because I forget what I have joined.


I know it wouldn’t be easy – it would require a standard to be created – but it would be VERY useful.  I joined so many SNS sites I have no clue which I belong to – or what they know about me!

Anyway, it’s a cool domain name, and it’s mine now 🙂

I need inpatient therapy, I think.  An Intervention maybe.  WTF?  Where are all my friends when I really need them?  I need their help when I get a Jones on for domain names…. and they are nowhere to be found!