When a company you like does something sleazy

[UPDATE – I just got a call from an un-named GlobeScape employee that tells me this is NOT them. He says it is a company called “Global Escape” and that the callers have such poor English that a lot of people have had the same misunderstanding. I really hope he is right. This didn’t feel like something GlobeScape would do. But I would like someone from GlobeScape to officially disavow this.]

You feel sleazy.

I just received a marketing call – from a local company I have supported for years.

The company is GlobeScape. We once shared a wall in an office complex.

Now I don’t know if this was really GlobeScape or if the caller was just trying to scam me.

But either way, it hurts the GlobeScape brand.

I’ve used their CuteFTP Pro product for a very long time, and I even promoted it on Twitter over the last couple of days.

But tonight I was “randomly selected” as a “winner” to “celebrate” GlobeScape’s move to their new building.

I “won” a round trip ticket and two night hotel stay anywhere in the US.

Until I answered the “are you married” question.

I said, “No”. The guy (with poor English) then said, “Mr. Rob, do you have a live in girlfriend or partner?”

Nope, just me and my kids, I explained.

“I’m sorry sir”, he said. “This promotion is only for couples.”

And my “prize” went away. My “randomly” selected name meant nothing.

PLEASE – someone from GlobeScape tell me this wasn’t really you running this. If it was, it is dirty. The only reason you would limit it to couples only is if you are trying to sell me something.

And I am already your customer.

One you can only lose if you are actually involved in this.


  1. @Jonathan – cool. I connected the dotted lines 🙂 Glad to have you here – and on Twitter!

  2. Jonathan Trenn says:

    Rob, I’m following you on Twitter. @jptrenn And I first emailed you the night you were battling Amanda Chapel.

  3. @Jonathan – yeah – I’ve heard this scam before – once I “won” a car, but had to be married to claim it. I think if I would have been married they would have told me I needed to be single!

    Normally I don’t let a tele-marketer get 10 seconds with me – but when I (thought) I heard the name of a local company I respect, I listened.

    Nice scam, I suppose. But I wonder about the kind of people that can do this for a living and then go home and “pretend to raise their children”.

    There is only one way to raise kids – by example. I’m pleased you have your focus on your son. That speaks volumes of your character (and I have no clue who you are!).


  4. Jonathan Trenn says:

    I’ve received similar phone call/offers. And, I, like you, am a single father. My son is more important to me than anything else, and I’m not aggressively looking. But if I was in the hunt for a significant other, this would be one of the most insulting things in the world. It would serve as a reminder how empty one’s life could be.

    I don’t understand how someone could have come up with this boneheaded marketing scheme.

  5. I know I mis-typed the company name in the initial post – I have corrected it. And as I say in my update above, I don’t believe now that GlobeScape is behind this – but they should be concerned about it. I think the caller purposely made me think this was a company I have done business with and trust – so that’s something GlobeScape needs to address.